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• 1.Signal Conditioners TSC TPSC PTDTranstech Signal Conditioner CatalogueCatalogue
• 2.FEMA Large DisplaysFEMA Series B Large Displays 3 Button ProgramFlyer
• 2.FEMA Panel Display RangeFEMA Shortform CatalogueShortform Catalogue
• C40-DFEMA C40-D-U Universal Input Panel DisplayDatasheet
• EPC6Contact supplier directly on
• II-056Transtech Conveyor Monitor SystemFlyer
• II-062ATranstech 3Ph 415Vac/24Vac LED driver for safely displaying 3Phases healthy on the door of a switchboardDatasheet
• LAP-35FEMA Loop Powered Panel DisplayDatasheet
• LPSC-xxxTwo Wire Transmitter RangeDatasheet
• LRDLRD Loop Powered Repeater 2 Channel Datasheet
• LRD-24VLRD-24V Powered 2Ch 4-20mA Loop RepeaterDatasheet
• LRSLRS Loop Powered Repeater 1 ChannelDatasheet
• LSI/xx-MLSI/xx-M is a compact module of Powered (20-60Vac/dc) 1 Ch input/dual channel output analogue repeaters with various outputs to drive loads up to 1200Ohms.Brochure
• M60-LCFEMA M60-LC Load Cell Panel DisplayDatasheet
• PAM-01/BConveyor Pre-Alert ModulesDatasheet
• PSC-TXPSC-TX Multifunction Transmitter (refer to TPSC-TX-M)Datasheet
• PTD-BRK/FF-1APTD-BRK/FF-1 Amp Brake Monitor Field AdjustableDatasheet
• PTD-BRK/FF-2APTD-BRK/FF-2 Amp Brake Monitor Field AdjustableDatasheet
• PTD-BRK/FF-3APTD-BRK/FF-3 Amp Brake Monitor Field AdjustableDatasheet
• PTD-BRK/FS-1APTD-BRK/FS-1 Amp Brake Monitor Fixed (Factory Set)Datasheet
• PTD-BRK/FS-2APTD-BRK/FS-2 Amp Brake Monitor Fixed (Factory Set)Datasheet
• PTD-BRK/FS-LRPTD-BRK/FS Brake Monitor Fixed with a low-range setting (Factory Set)Datasheet
• SQR20Contact supplier directly on
• TPSC-Tx-MTPSC-TX Multifunction Transmitter in 20 to 60Vdc (replaces the PSC-TX model)Datasheet
• TSCTSC Mains Powered TransmitterDatasheet
• TSCTTSCT Mains Powered Transmitter/Trip Datasheet

  Lightning & Surge Products « Request Additional Info                   Δ TOP Δ
• TLP DSI & PSITransient Panel Mounting Front DisplaysDatasheet
• TLP Surge Protector OverviewTransient TLP Range OverviewView PDF
• TLP-150/CATBTransient TLP-150-3M/CAT B Sub-board Protector 150kADatasheet
• TLP-2000Runway Lighting HV Supply ProtectionView PDF
• TLP-48HM-xxxTransient Head Mount Field Mounted ProtectorsDatasheet
• TLP-CPHxx-3P-DRITransient TLP-CPHxxx-3P Comapct Hybrid SeriesDatasheet
• TLP-CPxxx-3P-DRITransient TLP-CPxxx-3P-DRI Compact Three Phase Mains SeriesDatasheet
• TLP-MODBUS ModuleTransient Protectors with Smart OutputDatasheet
• TLP-NEMON ModuleTransient TLP-NEMON Earth/Neutral FeatureDatasheet
• TLP-NxTransient TLP-N RF TypeDatasheet
• TLP-Pxxx-1P-RITransient TLP-Pxxx-1P Single Phase Mains SeriesDatasheet
• TLP-Pxxx-3P-DRITransient TLP-Pxxx-3P-DRI Three Phase Mains SeriesDatasheet
• TLP-RJ45-xxxTransient TLP-48/RJ45Datasheet
• TLP-SF20SL-xxxVTransient TLP-SF20SL-xxx 20Amp Series Filter RangeDatasheet
• TLP-SF20T-P-240Superceeded by the "Slimline" model TLP-SF20SL-xxxDatasheet
• TLP-SF40-1PTransient TLP-SF40-1P-xxx 40Amp Series FiltersDatasheet
• TLP-SF63-1PTransient TLP-SF40-1P-xxx 63Amp Series FiltersDatasheet
• TLP-SL12-RS485Transient TLP-SL12-RS485 Communication Cable ProtectorsDatasheet
• TLP-SL12-xxDTransient TLP-SL12-xxL Double Channel 12mmDatasheet
• TLP-SL12-xxLTransient TLP-SL12-xxL Single Channel 12mmDatasheet
• TLP-SP20SL-xxxTransient TLP-SP20SL-xxx 20Amp Series OR Parallel RangeDatasheet
• TLP-SP20XI-30VdcTransient TLP-SP20XI-30Vdc 20Amp Series OR Parallel Range in 20kA and 40kA fault levelDatasheet
• TLP-Vxx / DTxxxTransient V60 / DT100 Plug In SeriesDatasheet

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• 1. SCADA Battery Charger FlyerFlyer IPS-BC140Watt / IPS-BC360Watt / UPS 90WattFlyer
• IPS-1A-SLTranstech IPS-1A-SL/XX Linear PSUDatasheet
• IPS-5W/24V 5VTranstech IPS-5W/24V 5V 5Watt Slimline Dual PSUDatasheet
• IPS-BC-140WTranstech IPS-BC-140W/TC is a Battery Charger and 24VDC Power Supply in a single housing with direct Mains supply, capable of charging 2 x 12V Batterie up to 20AH each. The unit comes with a Terminal Cover for the Mains to comply to AS3000Datasheet
• IPS-BC-140W OptionsIPS-BC-140W with Terminal CoverFlyer
• IPS-BC-360W/TCTranstech IPS-BC-360W/TC is a Battery Charger and 24VDC Power Supply in a single housing with direct Mains supply, capable of charging 2 x 12V Batteries up to 100AH. The unit comes with a Terminal Cover for the Mains to comply to AS3000Datasheet
• IPS-UPS-100WTranstech IPS-UPS-100W Battery Charger 1 x 12V 20AH Batt with DC-DC Coverter.Datasheet

  Encoders & Sensors « Request Additional Info                   Δ TOP Δ
• 1. MD Microdetector SensorsComplete MD Sensor CatalogueCatalogue
• 2. Baumer Encoder Catalogue 2020.A 2020 update of the extensive Baumer Encoder Product range.Catalogue
• 2.1. Baumer Encoder Selection GuideSelection Guide for all Baumer EncodersSelection Guide
• 3. Sense Proximity SensorsShortform Introduction to Sense Proximity RangeView PDF
• 3.1. Sense Valve SensorsAn Introduction to Sense Electronica Valve Sensor RangeCatalogue
• 3.2. Sense Valve PositionersAn Introduction to the range of Valve PositionersShortform
• 4. RheinTacho Specialising in RotationA range of hand-held Tacho'sFlyer
• 5. Softnoze Sensor BracketsAn Introduction to Sensor Mounting AssessoriesView PDF
• 70085-1010-005Passive Speed Sensors from AI-TEKDatasheet
• 70085-1010-xxxAn Introduction to Quality Speed SensorsView PDF
• 70085-3030-xxxAI-Tek Certified IECEx Speed SensorsView PDF
• BH 1522-005Bi-directional speed sensorsDatasheet
• CRO Area SensorMD Retroreflective Area SensorShortform
• DH 1522-113DH Zero Velocity sensors for speed controlDatasheet
• EIL 580P EncodersBaumer EIL Programmabel Encoder Range Australian StockedView PDF
• HOG & POG EncodersHeavy Duty Encoder Range from - Baumer-HubnerHubner HD Overview
• INC Inclinometer***NEW Inclinometer***Flyer
• MIR HD MagFlexVery Large Bearing-less Shaft EncodersMagflex Introduction Flyer
• RH 1522-005RH Zero Velocity Hall Effect speed sensorsDatahseet
• UQ1 Ultrasonic SensorsDatasheet UQ1 Cubic UltrasonicCatalogue
• UT1 Ultrasonic SensorsComplete MD Ultrasonic Range to 8 MetersCatalogue
• VM-VK-VTShortfrom ACV Proximity SensorsDatasheet

  Enclosures « Request Additional Info                   Δ TOP Δ
• 1.0 ABTECHABTECH Industrial ProductsCatalogue
• 1.1 ABTECH FIRE RATEDTranstech offers three (3) options for pre-assembled Fire Rated EnclosuresDatasheet
• 1.2 ABTECH BPG Enclosure InstallBPG Installation InstructionsInstructions
• 1.3 ABTECH SX Enclosure InstallSX Installation InstructionsInstructions
• 1.4 ABTECH Shortform 2019ABTECH Hazardous Area Short-form Catalogue all ranges included.Short Form
• 1.5 LightingEx Lighting RangeCatalogue
• 1.6 Lloyds ApprovalLloyds Test ReportTest Report
• BPG EnclosuresABTECH Ex e Glass Filled Polyester EnclosuresCatalogue
• Fire Rated-Large CablesFire Rated Enclosures for Large CablesData Sheet
• Fire Rated-TerminalsA choice of Fire Rated Terminals for inclusion in Fire Rated enclosures from Transtech.Data Sheet
• HVJB 3.3kV IP68HVJB for Submersion to 20 MeterFlyer
• HVJB Range EEx eFrom 3.3kV to 45kV Zone 1 ATEX/IECEx CertifiedView PDF
• IP68 SubmersibleABTECH Flood Resistant EnclosuresFlyer IP68
• LX1APC10M20Photocell for Zone 1Data Sheet
• LX2APC10M20Photocell for Zone2Data Sheet
• NAUT1 - NAUT11IP68 Submersible EnclsouresData Sheet
• SSD Ex d RangeStainless Steel Ex d Enclosure RangeData Sheet
• SX EnclosuresABTECH Ex e Stainless Steel RangeCatalogue
• TATE4ABTECH MV 3.3kV & 6.6kV Terminal for Zone 1Datasheet

  Fuses & Protection Relays « Request Additional Info                   Δ TOP Δ
• 1. Littelfuse Protection RelaysLittelfuse Earth Leak, Motor Protection & ARC Flash Protection RelaysOverview
• 1RLE1 Emergency LightRevalco Emergency Light for switchboards, giving up to 48hours of lighting after power off - in-built re-chargeable battery inluded.Flyer
• 2. Fuseco-Transtech Fuse RangeAn introduction to Fuseco and the complete range of Fuses and Fuse HoldersShort Form
• 3. Revalco RangeRevalco Short Form CatShort Form
• 3.1 Revalco CT RangeRevalco CT RangeCatalogue
• AF-0100Littelfuse Arc Protection AF-0100 RelayDatasheet
• AF-0500Littelfuse Arc Protection AF-0500 RelayDatasheet
• ARC FLASH RangeLittelfuse have a comprehensive range of ARC FLASH protection Relays for Switchboard builders to choose from, Transtech offers full training and support.Flyer
• EFCT CT RangeLittelfuse range of CT's for Earth Leakage RelaysDatasheet
• EFCT CT Range from StemarThe Stemar range of CT for Earth Leakage RelaysDatasheet
• EL731Littelfuse Panel Mounted Micro-processor based Earth Leakage Monitor Relay EL731Datasheet
• MP-8000Littelfuse Motor Protection Relay MP-8000 with Bluetooth ConnectionDatasheet
• PGR-8800Littelfuse Arc Protection PGR-8800 Programmable RelayDatasheet
• PML-1000VACPML HV Fuse Bases and Fuses for Mining Applications up to 1,000Vac or PV/Solar Application up to 1,500VdcFlyer
• SE-330AULittelfuse Earth Fault/Earth Resistor Monitoring Relay meeting Australian Standards AS/NZS 2081.3:2002.Datasheet

  Control Room « Request Additional Info                   Δ TOP Δ
• 1. DOMO ItalyDOMO Italy - Mini Guide to the full range availableShortform
• AI7525 Alarm AnnunicatorAPEX Alaram Annunciator Model AI7525Catalogue
• AIC400 Alarm AnnunciatorAPEX have released the NEW Multi-Colour Alarm Anninciator system the colours can be selected thru the software. From 4 to 48 Points Communication and Event Logging as standard.Catalogue
• Apex Alarm SystemsAn introduction to modular and redundant concept Alarm Annunciators Flyer
• CRT16/24 LED SemaphoreTV22/30 and HD22/30 Semaphore and Position Indicators in LED RED / GREEN / WHITE for panels operation complete with Lamp Test LT optionsBrochure
• CTR Panel LED'sThe CTR Panel mounted LED range offers the user many features for pushbuttons, selectors switches and key operated switches.Brochure
• DX Panel LED Indicator RangeDOMO offers a complete range of LED type panel indicators with 22mm mounting holes and up to 240Vac. Terminal or Faston connections.Datasheet
• FAW30 / FU30 LED'sAn Introduction to the Kimden Matrix style 30 x 30 and 30 x 60 LED DisplaysFlyer
• KHE-402-24V-WYCompact ruggedly designed LED for Train Step IlluminationFlyer
• LQ1 Alarm AnnuciatorThe DOMO LQ1 Alarm Annunciator modules offer complete flexibility to drive LED matrix displaysBrochure
• ML/MLH Multi LED IndicatorsDOMO offers a complete range of multiple LED type panel indicators in sizes 24x24mm and 48x48mm with 22mm mounting holes. Terminal or Faston connections.Shortform
• Mosaic Systems - DomoDomo designs and supplies Mosaic Mimic Panels for Industry, Railways and Control Room DesksPortfolio
• Mosaic Systems - TranstechAn introduction to Mosaic Mimic PanelsFlyer
• Mosiac Systems Pro-PlanAn Introduction to Pro-PlanCatalogue
• TV22-ML3-415VDOMO Panel LED Displays for indicating 3Phase supply (also available in 24Vac 3Phase with module II-062)Datasheet

  Interconnect « Request Additional Info                   Δ TOP Δ
• Anderson PP1545 ConnectorsData-Sheet Anderson Powerpole Connectros PP1545View PDF
• Anderson PP75 ConnectorsData-Sheet Anderson Powerpole Connectors PP75View PDF
• Connectror Overview from HTPHTP OverviewShort Form
• ENSTO Terminal RangeCatalogue Terminals & FusesView PDF

• ABTECH Control StationsIECEx Certified Pushbutton Enclosures for EEx e Zones 1 and 2Flyer
• ABTECH Fire Rated ApprovalsAS/NZS Cross ReferenceFlyer
• ABTECH IECEx Certificates ALLIECEx Certificates Issued to ABTECHCertificates
• ABTECH Shell TestDeluge testing of Enclosures Test Report
• Lloyds Test ApprovalsLloyds Test Report - ABTECH EnclosuresTest Report
• Transtech - Australian MadeTranstech has achieved Australian Made RegistrationCertificate
• Transtech Conveyor Monitoring SystemConveyor II-056 Modular SystemFlyer
• Transtech Series Filters to 63AmpTranstech TLP-SFxx Series to 63AmpView PDF
• Transtech SIRIM Test ReportInternational Test for Transtech Series Filter for Malaysian Telekom ProjectTest Report
• Transtech Slimline 20AmpTranstech TLP-SF20SL-240 FeaturesView PDF
• Transtech Test Report "CAT B"QDL IEC Test Report TLP-150/CAT BTest Report
• Transtech Test Report SlimlineQDL IEC Test Report TLP-SF20SLTest Report