PRODUCTS : Heavy Duty Encoders, Sensors & Motion Controls
Sense Electronica Proximity Sensors Inductive, Capacitive / Magnetic
SENSE ELECTRONIC is a world leader in the design and manufacture of proximity sensors. Sense Electronic offers quality and precision at cost competitive pricing. Included in the range is a full offering for valve monitoring.

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Baumer Hubner Encoders
Baumer Hubner encoders are the standard by which heavy duty encoders and tacho generators are judged. The range offers the POG 9 and HOG 10 series which are used extensively in the North West Iron Ore industry, on such applications as railway ore dumpers and stacker-reclaimers. The encoder range offers pulse output to bus types (including Ethernet/IP).

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AI-TEK Magnetic Speed Sensors, Pickups and Tachos
AI-TEK (formerly AIRPAX) is a world leader in the design of passive high speed Magnetic Sensors and Tachos.
NEW:- Complete range of IECEX Certified Passive Sensors.

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Baumer Motion Control – Baumer-IVO / Baumer-Hubner / Baumer-Thalhiem
Baumer Group is the World leader in Encoder technology, releasing an encoder range based up the “MAGRES” magnetic technology principle, these encoders offer the user rugged high accuracy for the first time. The HOG and POG Heavy-Duty encoder range from Baumer-Hubner are widely used in the Mining Industry, the GEMMH & GE333 cover simple pulse types thru to Ethernet/IP and many other outputs.
TransTech® stocks a full range of shaft and hollow-shaft 58mm programmable encoders with an IP67 rating on a same day delivery basis at a very competitive price.

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MD Microdetector Proximity / Photoelectric / Ultrasonic / Area / Safety Sensors
MD Microdetector (Diell) is a leading Italian Company specialising in Industrial photoelectric, laser and ultrasonic sensors market. Microdetector has one of the most extensive product ranges of all the main sensor Companies.

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RheinTacho – Tacho’s for Industrial Applications
RheinTacho is a World leader in rotational instruments and offers a complete range of Tacho’s for every application.

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SoftNoze Mounting Accessories
Softnoze Inc. specialises in a complete range of mounting aids for sensors.

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