ABOUT US : Products & Services
Representing leading sensor and motion control Companies from around the World, TransTech® can not only solve almost all sensing & motion controls applications but can give lasting solutions to the most arduous applications.

Inductive Sensors for extreme temperatures of minus 90 deg C to plus 250 deg C are but one example. Stainless Steel hollow shaft, heavy duty encoders with bus connection have been keeping the North Western Australia Iron Ore industry producing for many years now.

Sensing, counting, position indication/location, speed/tacho products, distance measuring are available from World-renowned suppliers.

TransTech® offers over 25 years of sensor & motion controls expertise in the field of sensing for the Mining Industry with unique products such as the Sense Electronica fail-to-safe conveyor sensor range, Motor brake monitoring and monitoring of speakers for conveyor start-up systems and a Microprocessor based SIL rated monitoring system are all part of what TransTech® does.
Flow, Level, Temperature transmitters and switches are available from the TransTech® process controls division.
TransTech® offers a complete range of both standard and IECEx Certified Ex d & Ex i devices to service the Petro-Chemical market from World leader Baumer Group.

To compliment the process controls products TransTech® designs and manufactures a full range of Electronic Transient/Surge protection devices. TransTech® SPD’s range from 240kA mains type protectors to low voltage and communication types. The range offers SPD’s for Main Switchboards to sub-circuits to bus communications to field mounted devices in stainless steel housings.

TransTech® offers the unique “slimline series” of 20Amp 240volt with a width of only 25mm. Many major Australian Companies have TransTech® TLP surge protectors installed and protecting critical equipment.

TransTech® offers a complete in-house design service for special application products based upon tried and proven analogue technology.
TransTech® has supplied many Major Australian Companies with one of the most complete ranges of EEx e Certified enclosures from world-renown manufacturer ABTECH UK.

The ABTECH UK range of IECEX Certified enclosures covers from push-button type thru to 45kV junction boxes and IP-68 rated submersible enclosures. ABTECH offers a unique feature of Being able to supply enclosures that have passed the SHELL deluge test.

TransTech® offer Mosaic Mimic Panel design for wall mimic panels or control operator desk consoles. The design and manufacture are completed locally to allow engineers access during the design and build process.

TransTech® and it’s partner Pro Plan GmbH have many supplied many of Australia’s large Companies such as Woodside Energy, Santos, Technip, Bassgas, WA Water Corporation and NSW Railcorp.

To compliment the mosaic mimic panel service TransTech® offers control room products such as:
  • Mosaic Mimic Panels
  • Alarm Annunciator Systems
  • LED Matrix Displays
  • LED Semaphore panel indicators
  • Multi LED panel indicators
  • Panel Meters & Large Displays
  • ARC Flash protection