ABOUT US : Senior Management
  Barrie P. King – Founder and Managing Director
Founded the Company in 1995 and now fills the role of Major Projects and Applications Engineer.
Provides National Technical Applications support and design of Projects.
Maintains regular liaison with all of Transtech’s Principals and Suppliers.

Bette King – Co Founder and Director
Based in Head Office – Perth is responsible for all Administration and Finance matters.

Dale Tunbridge - National Business Development Manager
Based in Perth Head Office, Dale provides support to all TransTech's Regional Distributors, Customers and resellers in the Eastern States.

Rob Carson - Sales Manager - Victoria
Based in Melbourne, Rob has responsibility for the Victorian, Tasmanian & NSW markets and is supported by Tom Pether of the Perth Office Sales Team.

John King - Manager, WA
Based in Perth, John has responsibility for the WA & SA markets and is suported by Hughie Wilson.

Brian Allen – Manager Engineering & Production
Based in Head Office – Perth is responsible for managing the design, engineering and production departments. Provides technical support for the Sales group.

Ryan Binns – BEng Hons, BSc - Electronics Engineer
Based in Head Office – Perth is responsible for R&D and providing technical support to the Sales group.

Field Sales & Applications Support
WA - John King
NSW - Dale Tunbridge
VIC/TAS - Rob Carson
SA - John King
NT - Dale Tunbridge/John King
QLD - Barrie King
EXPORT - Barrie King

Any one of the above staff is able to provide both technical and application advice to our Distributors and directly to customers for specific needs.